It’s Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han

Belly Conklin has always spent summers at the beach house in Cousins.  It’s pretty crazy with so many people there — Belly, her mom [Laurel], her brother Steven, her mom’s best friend [Susannah], and Susannah’s boys Conrad and Jeremiah — but she can’t imagine summer any other way.






In The Summer I Turned Pretty, we found out that Susannah had cancer.  The beginning of this book, sadly, broke the news that she died.  Nothing is the same without Susannah — least of all summer.  A summer spent away from Cousins hardly feels like summer at all, and Belly doesn’t really know how to face the prospect of an entire summer spent away from Conrad and Jeremiah.  A lot of this book is spent reflecting back on the previous year and explaining how everyone dealt with Susannah’s death.  And, yet, there was still enough forward movement and character development that I didn’t feel like the story was stalled.  I loved so much about this book, but I feel like I would be spoiling the whole thing if I said much more…  I think it would be sufficient to say that I immediately went to the library and requested the next audiobook in the series when I finished!

Happy Reading!


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