Split by Swati Avasthi

Despite the perfect front everyone else sees, Jace Witherspoon knows that his father is a monster.  He beats his wife and does his best to control her every move.  If she ever starts to get close to anyone, he makes it a point to pick up and move to a new area so she will have to depend on him once again.  Jace has tried to convince his mom to leave, but she has been brainwashed into believing that she has no other choice.  She honestly believes that her husband would kill her and that, because he is a powerful judge, he would get away with it.  Jace’s older brother, Christian, used to try and step in as a punching bag when he saw their dad reaching the boiling point, but Christian moved out before the end of high school and then went away to college.  It has been six years now, and he has never been back.

One day, Jace decided that he’d had enough and actually hit his dad.  Jace was immediately kicked out — and his dad even threatened to kill his mom if he ever returned.  As Jace was sitting in his car, in the driveway, his mom ran out to say goodbye.  She snuck him some money and an envelope with his brother’s address.  After making her promise that she would come too, Jace started the long trip from Chicago to Albuquerque.  He managed to get there safely, but not without a lot of doubts.  Would his brother even take him in?  How could he make sure his mom was OK?  Could he really get her to leave?  And what would he do about finishing high school or going to college?  Some of the flashbacks were pretty hard to listen to because of the graphic depictions of violence, but it was an extremely well-written story.  Much like Living Dead Girl, I think this book will help to foster a better understanding of why victims will stay with an abuser.

Happy Reading!


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