The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

I never really thought of myself as being old enough to have  historical fiction about my generation, but this book has changed my mind.  Computers with high speed internet have become so ingrained in my life that I sometimes forget how painfully slow dial-up used to be.  Kids today might not remember those AOL trial offer CD-ROMS that used to come in the mail and litter customer service counters, but I distinctly remember wondering what the internet would be like — then fighting with my parents about tying up the phone line when I started to use it!  And although I was introduced to chat rooms, IMs, and email in much the same way as Emma and Josh, I was not able to peer into my future via a mystical connection with my [15-years-in-the-future] Facebook account.

Josh and Emma weren’t sure what to make of it at first.  Sure, the picture looked a lot like an older version of Emma… but it had to be a prank.  Right?  Once they started to believe that this could possibly be a glimpse into the future, it became increasingly tempting for Emma to try and change the future.  If Emma saw something indicating that she would become unhappy in the future, she tried to think of what she could change now.  And while Josh thought his future self seemed pretty happy, he wasn’t so sure about how to handle some of the things he learned about other people.  It reminded me a bit of Back to the Future 2 with ever-changing Facebook status updates instead of actual time travel.  A fun read that makes you think?  Awesome!

Happy Reading!


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