Famous for Thirty Seconds by P.G. Kain

Brittany Rush has been a top contender in the commercial industry since she was in diapers, so she has grown rather accustomed to seeing herself on TV during commercial breaks and on packaging for random items throughout the store.  When her mom’s job required that they move to Hong Kong for a year, nevertheless, it meant that Brittany had to take a year off from her career.  Although she assumed that she would just come home and pick up where she left off, life is never so simple.  Some of the casting people Brittany was used to working with have been replaced, and the new people have no idea who she is.  Girls used to get visibly upset when they saw Brittany enter a casting call [because they knew she would probably get the job], but no one seems to look twice when she walks through the door now.  Well, except for Phoebe — who seems to think that she and Brittany are BFFs.  Brittany doesn’t understand how the girl she’d previously dubbed Forgetful Phoebe could possibly have taken her place, but she decides something has to be done.  All of her plotting involves destroying Phoebe, of course, but she manages to convince herself that it’s OK because no one is *really* going to get hurt.  But how can you ruthlessly destroy someone’s career without looking and/or feeling guilty?

There were times when I thought the message was a bit heavy-handed, but it was an enjoyable story overall.  I think plenty of tween girls will enjoy this series for the chance to sneak a peak into the world of commercial acting — and maybe they’ll even learn a lesson or two about being a better person and a better friend.

Happy Reading!


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