Evertaster by Adam Glendon Sidwell [ARC]

EvertasterGuster Johnsonville is impossible to please.  His tastes are so refined that practically any food his mother cooks may as well be garbage.  She gets so utterly frustrated with his refusal to eat that she packs all of her kids into the car and heads to New Orleans, sure that something will appeal to him there.  Guster follows his nose to a dark building with the word “Patisserie” in the window and even the sign stating “Closed for Business by Order of the City of New Orleans” was not enough to keep him away.  The Old Pastry Chef who worked there was so impressed by Guster’s particular palette that he told him about a secret recipe known as “The One Recipe” or the “Gastronomy of Peace” and gave him a strange, old eggbeater.  Almost immediately, a devil-like chef in red appeared and attacked the Old Pastry Chef.  As he lay dying, the Old Pastry Chef said just one more thing to Guster: “Get it to Felicity!”

No one in his family has much of an idea what they need to do now, but Guster is sure of two things — (1) The Chef in Red will stop at nothing to retrieve the eggbeater, and (2) he just HAS to figure out how to make the Gastronomy of Peace.  I would recommend this book to fans of series like Percy Jackson and the Olympians and 39 Clues.

Happy Reading!


One response to “Evertaster by Adam Glendon Sidwell [ARC]

  1. Great review Chrissie!

    Enjoy and share the Evertaser trailer here –

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