Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown

Forget what you think you know about mermaids.  They aren’t beautiful creatures with beautiful voices who long for nothing more than to be human… They are ruthless creatures who happen to be beautiful and have beautiful voices so they can better lure humans into the water in order to kill them and absorb their emotions!  Calder White is a merman whose family lives in Lake Superior.  He leaves his sisters and migrates to the tropics  during the winter, but his instincts and family bond force him to return to Lake Superior every summer.  Returning is especially important this year, though, because his sisters believe that they have finally found Jason Hancock.  “Who’s that?,” you ask.  Oh, only the man responsible for their mother’s death.

When Jason Hancock was a baby, his father fell into the lake and was rescued by a mermaid [Calder’s mom].  In exchange for his life, he promised to give her his infant son [Jason] — but he left and took his family with him.  Calder’s mother was furious and, in her anger, was caught and killed in a fisherman’s net.  Not only do mermaids refuse to accept broken promises, but this family of mer-people wants revenge for their mother’s death as well.  Calder’s job is fairly simple.  He needs to find a way to get close to the family so that he can lure Jason into the water, where his sister’s will exact their mother’s revenge.  The only problem?  Calder starts to have feelings for Jason’s eldest daughter, Lily.  My favorite part of this book?  The end page that said a sequel would be out in 2013!  😉

Happy Reading!


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