SCANDALOUS! 50 SHOCKING EVENTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT (so you can impress your friends) by Hallie Fryd

I love the fact that the cover of this book grabbed my attention as well as any of the gossip magazines near the checkout line!  Equally as awesome was the internal format, with separate shaded boxes to break apart the “extras” from the main narrative.  Every entry is laid out the same way to make it easy for readers to simply browse or to delve a little deeper, as time and interest allow:

The Scoop!

The Players


The Aftermath

Why We Still Care

More [insert type of scandal here]

Each entry also includes at least one photo of the person or people involved.  While I knew at least something about most of the scandals included, there were also a few that were completely new to me.  This made for some really great lunch break reading, since it was easy to read only one or two entries on days when I didn’t have a lot of time.  Still, I could just as easily see someone reading this book in one great marathon session if they had the time!

Happy Reading!


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