The Chosen One: A Novel by Carol Lynch Williams

Kyra is 13 years old and has never known life outside of the compound.  Her family belongs to a strict, polygamous, religious cult where the men take on many wives, and the women are considered property — first of their fathers, and then of their husbands.  Kyra’s father has three wives and 21 children (soon to be 23), and Kyra is of an age where she is about to be promised to a man.  Back when the group first settled in this location, the girls were matched with boys only a few years older.  Now, it seems like all of the girls are being given to the older men — and Kyra is horrified to find out that the Prophet has matched her with her own uncle, who already has six wives.  She has accepted most of what she has been told her whole life, but things are getting less and less palpable by the day.  Will she be able to change the Prophet’s mind?  Will she run away?  Or will she have to marry her uncle, an awful prospect even if he wasn’t so closely related, and obey his every command? If you find this book interesting, you might also want to read Sister Wife by Shelley Hrdlitschka.

Happy Reading!


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