Not Afraid to Be Real ~ A Poetry Collection by Maranda Russell

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a huge fan of poetry.  I feel like I don’t always “get it” like other people do.  But there was something so honest about this collection of poems that I couldn’t help but to keep reading.  I especially enjoyed the poem In Yoga as in Life because it reminded me of myself — not always sure whether I am digging in my heels because I refuse “to give away my power” or because I am just plain stubborn!  I also really like the fact that the poems are broken down into sections so teens can flip straight to what they are looking for, whether it’s poems about love, poems about loss, or random and “just plain weird” poems.

Happy Reading!


One response to “Not Afraid to Be Real ~ A Poetry Collection by Maranda Russell

  1. Vinaigrette Girl

    I’m enjoying your reviews – very helpful indeed. Re poetry: it’s a dipping-in activity and a reading-aloud one, often. Edwin Morgan and Wendy Cope are both very attractive, clever, funny poets; Benjamin Zephanaiah is an utter delight when you get into his Jamaican-rooted rhythms. e e cummings’ “anyone lived in a pretty how town” or “a man who fell among thieves” might lead you into an astonishing world of great clarity and exquisite beauty, but his darker poems are worth some people’s entire novels.

    A short poem can live with you forever, like this one by Machado ( my memory of the original is probably imperfect, though):

    Para que llamar caminos
    A los surcos del hazar?
    Todo el, que camino anda
    como Jesus, sobre el mar.

    By what do we assign “roads”
    to these dicey furrows?
    Everyone who moves on
    walks, like Jesus, on the sea.

    Best wishes.

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