Banned Books Week

“Torch every book.
Burn every page.
Char every word to ash.
Ideas are incombustible.
And therein lies your real fear.”  Ellen Hopkins

I like to celebrate Banned Books Week every year to help raise awareness and remind people that censorship is still a problem, even in our “free” country.  The saddest thing, in my opinion, is that some would-be censors don’t even realize that their actions constitute censorship — which is why it is so important to remind people about the basic principles of intellectual freedom and how important that freedom is.

“The number of attempts to remove books from schools and libraries is growing. This is not a thing of the past, sadly. It is a thing of today. What do you say to people who believe that one parent can dictate curriculum? How can we talk to people who view books that reflect the realities of society as dangerous objects that need to hidden away?” Laurie Halse Anderson

The most important thing to remember is that censorship is not an appropriate response to the fear that our children will have negative experiences or be exposed to dark or scary things.  Instead of trying to ban books you wouldn’t want your children to read, just take a more active role in helping your own children to select appropriate reading materials.

“The wish for kinder, gentler literature for adolescents is really a wish for a kinder, gentler adolescent experience. But that just doesn’t exist anymore.” Patricia McCormick

To celebrate Banned Books Week, I will post a review a day [for the next four days] of books that have been or likely will be challenged.

Happy Banned Books Week!


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