The Nightworld by Jack Blaine

Nick Robbins just finished his junior year of high school.  While walking up to the bus for the final ride home, he noticed his long-time crush, Lara Hanover, talking to his best friend Charlie.  In a miracle of huge proportions, Lara was actually waiting to invite Nick to her end of the year party!  Unfortunately for Nick, though, the world doesn’t exactly care that he is in the midst of a popularity/love-life breakthrough.  A crazy huge storm cloud has already started rolling in — and no one knows how to make it go away.  When all day, every day, becomes nighttime and the sun just can’t get through, temperatures begin to drop, plants start dying, and people begin to panic.

Nick is not sure what is going on or how anyone can stop it, but he has the feeling his dad, an energy physicist for the US government, might know.  He has no idea how much his father knows or might be able to do, though, until some thugs show up and kill his dad as they attempt to steal the secret device he had been working on.  Nick’s dad wasn’t allowed to talk about his work, but Nick knows the device, nicknamed “Optimus Prime,” must be pretty special if his dad died trying to protect it.  Armed only with a gun his father left behind, Nick packs his car full of supplies and sets out to figure out what, if anything, he might be able to do to help Lara, Charlie, and the whole of humankind.

Happy Teen Read Week!


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