Getting Inked: What to Expect When You Get a Tattoo by Larry Gerber

With tattoos becoming more and more mainstream, I think it is very important for teens to have access to credible resources so they can make an informed decision about whether or not to go under the gun.  Since I already have several tattoos and am in the planning stages of getting another, I feel like I am pretty well qualified to review the information in this book.  And, as far as I am concerned, this book is great! The titles of the chapters speak very well for themselves:

  • Thinking Before Inking
  • Choosing a Tattoo: What and Where?
  • Shopping Around
  • Inking: How Getting a Tattoo Works

I thought the author did a great job explaining what factors a person should consider before deciding whether or not to get a tattoo, and I especially appreciated the inclusion of what to look for to ensure that the tattoo artist and his/her shop are legit.  The “For More Information” and “For Further Reading” sections were included lots of great resources for people who still want to learn more, and the bibliography was very thorough as well.  I think this book is a great choice for anyone who wants to educate his/herself before getting a tattoo and a must have for public library collections.

Happy Reading!


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