Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

The small island of Thisby is really only known for one thing — the Scorpio Races they hold every November.  Crazy, bloodthirsty horses called capaill uisce [sounded like “cah-pool ish-ka” in the audiobook] rise up from the sea, and the young men of Thisby do their best to capture them and train them for the races.  Between the training and the actual race, many people die each year.  So, when Puck Connolly [a girl!] decides to enter the race — with a normal horse, no less — people think she is crazy.  But entering the race may be the only way to convince her brother not to move to the mainland, and the winnings might be the only way she can save her family home from foreclosure, so what choice does she have?

Happy Reading!


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