The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth

miseducation of cameron postI thought this would be a good book to review on Valentine’s Day, since it had a lot to do with love.  Sadly, though, it was mostly about how love was off limits for Cameron Post.  Why?  Because of the strict Evangelical Christian views of her family [and the majority of people in small-town Miles City, Montana].  This belief system was so apparent that, even before she truly understood what homosexuality was, Cameron knew her feelings for other girls were unacceptable to the people around her.  So much, in fact, that her first reaction to hearing her parents had died in a car crash was relief.  Why relief?  Because her parents’ sudden death meant they would never find out she had kissed her best friend, Irene, earlier that day.  Cameron tried to lie to herself and was able to pass for “normal” for a while, but she finally admitted to herself that she was a lesbian because of a friendship/fling with an out-and-proud Seattle girl she met through swim team.



While it was interesting to read about how Cameron discovered and came to grips with her sexuality, it was devastating to read about her stay at God’s Promise — a church camp that was supposed “cure” Cameron of her homosexuality.  Although this story is fictional, it is based on a reality too many young people face.  I look forward to a day when all people can feel free to love whomever they love, regardless of gender, but I fear this will not be for a long time yet.  In the meantime, at least GLBTQ teens have stories like these to help them through the hard times they are sure to face.

Happy Reading… and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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