War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

war horseI hate to admit that it took me so many years to actually read this book.  It would have made sense for me to read it after hearing rave reviews from kids and adults alike.  It would have made sense to read it when it was turned into a Broadway hit, or later when it was turned into a hit movie… but what finally made me get the audiobook and listen to this story was the opportunity to meet Michael Morpurgo when he presented the 2013 Arbuthnot Lecture.  Since I am the Vice President of the Youth Services Section (YSS) of NYLA, I had the opportunity to sit in the VIP section of the chapel and then to sit at the head table with Michael during the YSS Spring Conference Luncheon last week — I *had* to read this book if I wasn’t going to feel like an idiot!  Needless to say, I loved the story AND the lecture.  And, fortunately, I can tell you that Michael Morpurgo is a very friendly, down-to-Earth man who had no problem posing for a picture with a geeked-out Tween & Teen Librarian.  😉

Happy Reading!

michael morpurgo


One response to “War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

  1. i never liked books like this but if you say its a good book i think i mite read this book so you are allways puting new things on your blog eh?

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