The 39 Deaths of Adam Strand by Gregory Galloway

The 39 Deaths of Adam StrandAdam Strand can die; he’s killed himself plenty of times, and in plenty of different ways…  He just can’t manage to stay dead.  Doctors can’t figure it out, and the people in his town have actually gotten so used to Adam trying to kill himself that it seems to register as more of a nuisance than a shock when someone finds him dead.  People basically throw him in the back of their car or truck, schlep him home, and leave him in the care of his parents until he wakes up alive again.  The thing I found most interesting is that Adam wasn’t necessarily depressed so much as he just didn’t care enough to think life was worth the bother.  It’s pretty impressive that Galloway managed to write such a philosophical story without coming off as pretentious.  If you’re into dark humor and books that make you think, you should definitely acquaint yourself to Adam Strand.

Happy Reading!


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