Jenna Fox Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson

jenna fox chroniclesI read The Adoration of Jenna Fox back when it came out in 2008.  (And also managed to forget to review it…  Story of my life!)  I thought it was a standalone book, since the story didn’t seem to be lacking and the ending wrapped up neatly enough… But, then I saw [several years later] that a second book was being published — and that it was part of a planned trilogy.  I decided to wait for the third book to come out before I even started the second!  It was definitely a nice change of pace to go straight from the second book to the third instead of agonizing for a year or more about how the story would end.

The basic premise of the story is that Jenna Fox and her two best friends were in a car accident.  They were hurt so badly that their bodies could not survive.  But, Jenna’s father was a famous scientist who created a “BioGel” that could replace any part of the human body.  He created a whole new body for Jenna, even though it was illegal, and he uploaded all of her memories into that body.  Her best friends’ minds were also uploaded into computer storage, and they could hear each other across the void.  I thought this was a very cool concept and also very though provoking — after all, what is it that makes us human?  Our bodies?  Our minds?  Or something else?

Happy Reading!


2 responses to “Jenna Fox Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson

  1. Hmm, interesting concept. I’m holding off on reading Rossi’s Through the Ever Night so I can read it with book 3 (not yet released) – I like reading books back to back as well, because my memory’s not that great! 🙂 Did you like these as much as the first one?

  2. I honestly liked the 2nd and 3rd books better. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but there is more action!

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