The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen

the moon and moreSarah Dessen is a fantastic writer.  And, if you like one of her books, chances are good that you will like them all.  I was especially pleased with the fact that this book features cameos of both people and places from other Dessen novels, like some of the characters (and even the beach town of Colby) from Along for the Ride and the website [very much like Facebook] from Lock and Key.  But, just in case simply knowing that Sarah Dessen wrote this novel is not enough for you, I supposed I can spend some time explaining what it’s about!

Luke and Emaline are high school sweethearts.  Even though she doesn’t quite understand what Luke sees in her, she loves just about everything about him — he’s nice, fun to hang out with, and also quite good looking. Even though her life isn’t perfect, she is perfectly content.  Then, Theo shows up.  Other than the fact that he is also good looking, he is practically Luke’s polar opposite —  he’s serious more often than not, prefers fine dining to hanging out with friend at a burger joint, and he’s extremely driven rather than laid back.  Nearly everything Theo does is in an effort to be the BEST EVER.  It doesn’t make sense, but Emaline finds herself drawn to Theo and soon begins questioning everything about her life.  I recommend this book to people who enjoy their romance with a side order of deep thoughts.

Happy Reading!


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