The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

raven boysThe only problem I have with this book is that it’s the beginning of yet another series!  Don’t get me wrong… I love many of the trilogies and series I have read and/or am in the process of reading.  But, it makes it so hard to keep up with everything I need to read and the waiting can be torturous at times.  Since I really enjoyed The Scorpio Races, though, I thought it was worth getting sucked in to another trilogy!

Even though the rest of her family has psychic abilities, Blue was born without the ability to do more than to amplify the powers of others.  Because of this amplification, Blue is always expected to be present for the parade of souls on St. Mark’s Eve.  At this parade, her mother records the names of the people who are marching — because they will die sometime in the next year.  And, though Blue has never been able to see anyone before, she both sees and hears a Raven Boy named Gansey.  Blue has always had a policy of avoiding Raven Boys [a.k.a. students of nearby Aglionby Prep] because they usually mean trouble.  But, she is both inexplicably drawn to Gansey and curious whether she saw him because she is his true love or the reason for his death.

Happy Reading!


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