Smoke by Ellen Hopkins

smokeHow appropriate that I should finish the latest Ellen Hopkins book at lunch today!  She is one of my favorite “banned” authors, and I have read all of her books.  They can be a bit depressing to read, but she doesn’t write depressing stories simply for shock value — she writes to educate people about the depressing realities in which far too many young people actually exist.

I was very excited to hear that this book was coming out because it was a sequel to my favorite of her books, Burned, and I was dying to know what happened.









At the end of Burned, readers were left wondering what Pattyn would do.  It wasn’t clear whether she would kill herself or murder her father because she was equally full of despair and rage.  And what girl wouldn’t be if her abusive father indirectly killed both her unborn baby and the baby’s father/love of her life?  Initially, Ellen Hopkins had planned to leave it to readers to decide what happened, but I am grateful that reader’s changed her mind by begging and pleading for a sequel.  I won’t write any spoilers about what exactly happened… but I might kinda give it away when I tell you that I was happy with the way it all played out.  🙂

Happy Banned Books Week!


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