Speechless by Hannah Harrington

speechlessAs soon as I read this book, I knew I would have to save the review for Banned Books Week.  It wasn’t so much because I thought people would be attempting to ban this book but because I thought the message [self-censorship] would resonate really well at this time.  Though, I suppose some people would definitely be offended by several of the topics covered in this story.  Either way…  It’s certainly a good book to review this week.

Gossiping is practically a sport in many high schools, and Chelsea Knot could be the captain of the varsity team.  Everyone knows that she can’t keep a secret, and it’s her tendency to gossip that likely keeps her in the good graces of some of her so-called friends.  When she walks in on something extremely gossip-worthy at a party — one of the guys she knows was making out with another guy — she immediately heads downstairs to spill.  The instant the words leave her mouth, though, she regrets having said anything.  She is pretty sure he is going to get beat up and it will be all her fault.  Unfortunately, her instincts were right and he ends up in the hospital on life support.  To prevent wreaking any further havoc, Chelsea decides she has to take a vow of silence.  I can’t say anything else without spoilers — and what I already said practically is a spoiler — so I will simply say that this was a very interesting and well-written story.

Happy Banned Books Week!

P.S. I won’t likely post a review every day this week like I normally would for Banned Books Week because I will be spending the rest of the week in Niagara Falls for the New York Library Association Annual Conference.  (Sorry!)


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