So the Sign Said by Natasha Osteen

so the sign saidJordan Klein loved living in New York City and was less than pleased when she found out that her family had to move to Texas for the entire summer.  Why?  Her Uncle Jacob got caught trying to smuggle “contraband” [bibles] into China and was advised not to leave the country until charges were officially dropped.  Since Jordan’s father, Eli, was a professor of religious studies, he was asked to be the substitute pastor for his brother’s small-town church in Texas.  Jordan and her mom were both upset about leaving NYC for three months but figured Eli would probably realize he made a mistake and head home after only a couple of weeks.  Upon arrival, Jordan didn’t think she would ever get used to her temporary home… but she soon made some friends and found herself less anxious to leave town.  As readers might expect, the summer was life-changing.  Jordan learned a lot about herself that she may not have discovered if not for this move.  What I didn’t expect, nevertheless, was the crazy twist at the end or just how funny most of this book would be.  (I’m talking, laughing out loud so often that I had my coworkers staring at me during lunch funny!)  If you’re looking for a story that asks big questions without weighing you down, you should definitely check this one out.

Happy Reading!


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