Crap Kingdom by DC Pierson

crap kingdomTom always wished that he was special enough to be a Chosen One who would get whisked off to an alternate reality in which he was the only one who could save the day.  The way he saw it, though, he just wasn’t “unspecial” enough…  Until the night someone named Gark showed up and told him he WAS foretold in a prophecy and that he needed to enter a portal to another world to help save a kingdom!  Although it initially seemed like a dream come true, it soon became apparent that the unnamed kingdom [which Tom dubbed “Crap Kingdom”] was full of pessimistic people who couldn’t really care less about whether or not Tom saved them.  And Gark, who was the only one actually excited about Tom’s arrival, kept calling him “Tim.”  Yeah.  Being the chosen one wasn’t necessarily so great after all.

Despite the fact that this is a fantasy book, a great deal of it takes place on Earth and could easily be mistaken for contemporary fiction.  Original, funny, and well-written.  What’s not to like?!?  I would highly recommend this book to fantasy readers who want a break from books that require a glossary and pronunciation guide and/or fans of humorous books who wouldn’t mind a little reality bending.  People who enjoyed The True Meaning of Smekday should probably pick this one up.

Happy Reading!


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