Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg

openly straightIt’s not very often that I have enough down time to finish a book in only a couple of sittings — and even more rare that I finish a book and post a review the very next day — but this book was just so awesome that I couldn’t help myself!  It was thought-provoking without being too preachy/in your face, told a very unique story, and had characters so well developed that I kinda wished I could jump in the story and hang out with them for a while.  What was it about, though, right?

Rafe was a generally good kid, good student, and soccer player.  He also happened to be gay.  Luckily, because he had super-accepting parents and grew up in a very liberal city (Boulder, CO), coming out was fairly easy.  His parents actually threw him a coming out party — his dad referred to it as a “cotillion” — and his mom became active with the local chapter of PFLAG (Parents, Families, & Friends of Lesbians and Gays).  Despite the fact that he agreed to speak to students at local schools, Rafe started to get upset that his being gay was all some people saw.  He decided to go away to a boarding school in New England so he could have a chance to live life as a “normal” guy.  It was kinda cool, at first, to see how different life could be… but Rafe soon found out that withholding the truth — even though it’s not technically lying — can cause a lot of collateral damage.

Happy Reading!


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