Impulse by Steven Gould

impulseCent [short for Millicent] is a 16-year-old girl who, despite being homeschooled in the remote Canadian wilderness, has seen more of the world than many people will see in a lifetime.  She sometimes takes off at a moment’s notice to go shopping or surfing half way around the world, but her parents don’t own a private jet or helicopter.  In fact, the helipad on their property is so overgrown with weeds it’s barely recognizable.  How do they get there, then?  They jump.  All they have to do is concentrate on where they want to go and they can teleport themselves.  Though unable to jump herself, Cent has always been brought along by one of her parents.  Until one day, while snowboarding without permission, when she nearly gets caught in an avalanche and accidentally learns how to jump herself.  Cent gets excited by all the possibilities her jumping has opened up to her… but it terrifies her parents.  Not only do they have the usual parental worries of their daughter getting hurt in the usual ways, but they’re also worried that Cent could wind up kidnapped by the scientists who once held her father captive in an attempt to discover how jumping actually works.

Happy Reading!


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