When by Victoria Laurie

whenAs far back as she can remember, Maddie Fynn has always seen the numbers.  When she was really little, she didn’t even realize that other people couldn’t see them.  Then, one day, she drew an eerie picture of her family.  While it was fairly similar to most kids’ pictures of their families — with Maddie and her parents scrawled in little kid style — it also included numbers above their heads.  No one knew what those numbers meant, since even Maddie couldn’t explain what she was seeing, so they chalked it up to a quirky thing where she randomly assigned numbers to people around her… Until the day her father died.  Only then did Maddie’s mom realize that the numbers above her husband’s head [in the drawing] were actually the numbers that corresponded to his death date.

Maddie blamed herself for not figuring out what numbers meant in time to save her father, so she felt responsible for her mother’s subsequent depression and alcoholism.  In an effort to pay penance and to help contribute to the household, Maddie began giving readings of people’s death dates for a fee.  She could read the numbers in person or by looking at a picture, as long as the photographer had taken a close enough shot of the person’s face, and she was never wrong.  Some people were upset to find out that they or their loved ones had so little time left, but many were happy to be able to get their affairs in order and to say goodbye before they died.  After warning a client that her son [who wasn’t the original subject of the reading] had only a week left to live, Maddie felt compelled to try and save the boy.  The mom thought Maddie was just trying to scam her and warned Maddie to stay away.  After the boy went missing, and was later found to have been tortured and murdered, Maddie became a suspect in his murder…  And that’s just the beginning!  If you’re looking for a murder mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end, you’re gonna want to check this one out.  But, since it’s not due out until January 13th, you might want to get yourself on the library request list or pre-order it from your favorite book store so you don’t forget.

Happy Reading!


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