Kiss of Broken Glass by Madeline Kuderick

kiss of broken glassMany people think that self-injury is becoming more common, while others argue that it is just more widely recognized and/or talked about.  According to a article by Alice G. Walton, “It’s likely that people have been hurting themselves for centuries, but like other closeted behaviors we’re just beginning to talk about, self-injury has only recently risen in the public consciousness.” Regardless of whether there has actually been an increase in self-injuring or just a greater awareness of this behavior, it is definitely something that needs to be addressed.

I am more than happy to purchase books that can serve as bibliotherapy for troubled teens, but I am torn about this book.  I am not sure I would knowingly give it to someone who engages in self-injury because I found it to be rather triggering.  I do think, though, that this book could serve as a means by which teens could try to understand what a self-injuring friend is or has been going though.

Happy Reading!


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