The Selection [series] by Kiera Cass

selectionSo, as I did with Divergent, I waited until the third book of this trilogy was about to be released before I started to read the first book.  I didn’t want to be stuck waiting [most likely impatiently] for the release of final book of the series like I am with the Lunar Chronicles.  But, lo and behold, it seems all my planning was for naught… because there’s now a FOURTH book!  Even though the audiobook for The Selection Stories: The Prince & The Guard had a sneak peek of The One — which it touted as the “thrilling conclusion” to the trilogy — I now have to wait until MAY 2015 to get my hands on The Heir…  And I have a sneaking suspicion things won’t even end there since GoodReads lists a 5th (currently unnamed) book.   /sigh

So, what’s the big deal about this series?  First of all,  it’s a dystopian romance.  Enough said, right?!?  OK.  OK!  I get that some of you might want to know what sets this apart from the rest of the dystopian romances out there, so I will give a little more background.  🙂  In this dystopian future, the USA no longer exists.  In its place, there is now the kingdom of Illéa.  When Illéa was formed, a rigid caste system was created — in a supposed effort to bring about order and security.  The castes, which range from one [royalty and clergy] to eight [homeless, runaways, etc.], dictate which type of jobs people can hold.  Although it is technically possible to get into a better caste by buying your way up, it’s practically impossible for the lower castes to do more than survive.  For America Singer [and the other girls participating in The Selection], though, marrying Prince Maxon could mean being instantly transformed to a one.  So why, then, would America NOT want to participate in The Selection?  This book is like an über version of The Bachelor with a side of uprisings and war… and I just can’t get enough!

Happy Reading!


2 responses to “The Selection [series] by Kiera Cass

  1. Really want to read this, thanks for sharing!

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