Empty by Suzanne Weyn

emptyIf you’re looking to scare yourself into being more environmentally conscientious, this is a book you should probably read!  Not only does it provide an entirely plausible scenario for how individuals will be effected when oil starts to run out — including but not limited to gasoline shortages and electricity blackouts — but it also goes into more global ramifications, like the potential for war.

Although there were times where I felt like the dialogue was a bit unrealistic and clunky (most likely to educate readers), I don’t think it was overwhelmingly so.  Upon finishing this book, I had two major reactions:  1) I really wanted to share this book with everyone I knew to try and show them *why* they should care more about their energy consumption and its impact on the world/environment, and 2) I started thinking that stockpiling food in my basement sounded like a really good idea!  My husband has since “talked me down,” and I am doing well with just working to do what I can reasonably do to make a difference for myself and my family.  🙂

Happy Reading!


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