Croak by Gina Damico

croakI don’t know if this makes me crazy/strange, but I just HAD to hold off on reviewing this book so that it could be my 666th post!  What better way to celebrate this milestone than with a book with a modern day grim reaper on the cover?  😉   (Sadly, it seems that my WP dashboard and the message I got after posting my last review disagree on how many posts I’ve previously posted… so this could potentially be my 667th post, but I’m just gonna pretend it’s my 666th post anyway!)

Lex had always been a reasonably good kid, but she suddenly started to get in trouble all the time.  And not just the cutting class and hanging out with the wrong people kind of trouble, but the knocking people’s teeth out for no apparent reason kind of trouble.  When her parents reached their breaking point, Lex’s Uncle Mort offered to take her for the summer.  He said that Lex would help him with work on his farm, but he wasn’t exactly telling the truth.  In reality, Uncle Mort was planning to train Lex to be a Grim.  As in “grim reaper.”  For real!  Though there were a few unsettling descriptions of death scenes, I thought this book was pretty hilarious overall.  Plenty of snark and immature humor to feed my inner 16-year-old.

Happy Reading!


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