The F- It List by Julie Halpern

f-it_listI read this book in early fall, but I felt like it would make a good January post.  You know, with people making New Year’s resolutions about living their best lives and all?  After almost losing my father in September, this book really resonated with me.  I know it sounds super cliché, but both my real life experience and this book reminded me of just how short life can be — and how often we waste our time and energy on things that don’t even truly matter.  Sometimes, you just have to say “F- IT!”  

After Alex’s father died, she had a major falling out with her best friend Becca.  The formerly inseparable friends were estranged for the entire summer, but Alex decided she was ready to forgive Becca at the start of the new school year.  The only problem?  Becca had recently been diagnosed with cancer and their non-communication meant that Alex didn’t even know.  As they began to heal their broken friendship, the girls decided to make the best of the [potentially short] time Becca had left by working together to complete the wish list of sorts Becca had started compiling as a tween.  They don’t like the term “bucket list,” though, and decide to call it a “F- It” list instead.  Infused throughout with humor and romance, this is SO much more than a sob story.

Happy Reading!


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