Once Was Lost by Sara Zarr

once was lostIt’s always fun to escape real life in the pages of a book, and I find it somehow more satisfying to read a book about a sweltering summer heat wave when I’m living through a snow-filled winter storm.  Add that to the fact that all of Sara Zarr’s books are pretty darn amazing, and you have a fantastic reason to read this book right now!

Sam is having a really rough summer.  Not only is her mom in rehab (after hiding her alcoholism for years), but her father seems more concerned with fixing the problems facing his church’s congregation than the problems facing his own family.  When one of Sam’s friends, Jody Shaw, goes missing, Sam’s life falls even apart even further… and she’s left feeling extremely guilty for even thinking about her own problems when she could be putting all of her time and energy into the search for Jody.  Despite Sam’s mounting depression, the story doesn’t drag.  And although Zarr addresses Sam’s crisis of faith, she provides some seriously amazing insights without being didactic or preachy.  This may very well be tied (with How to Save a Life) as my favorite Sara Zarr story!

Happy Reading!


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