The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth LaBan

tragedy-paperThis is another one of those books that I just cannot imagine reading from an actual book because it worked *so* well as an audiobook.  Although the plot is not even remotely the same, this audiobook actually reminded me of Thirteen Reasons Why because it had one narrator for the main character and another narrator for a person who left behind a recording.  I’m not sure what this says about me, but I really enjoy “listening in” on these recordings and the reactions they invoke from the main character!  😉 

At the prestigious Irving [boarding] School, there was a tradition wherein each of the graduating seniors left a gift for the incoming senior who would take over his/her dorm room.  When Duncan moved in to his room, he found a set of CDs that chronicled the previous semester as experienced by former senior Tim Macbeth.  From the onset of the story, it was pretty evident that something bad had happened to Tim during the previous school year and that Duncan was, somehow, involved.  These CDs were Tim’s way of sharing his story so that Duncan would finally know everything that led up to that event and why it was that he didn’t think Duncan should feel responsible.  I thought it was pretty genius the way the story unfolded around Mr. Simon’s “tragedy paper” assignment…  And talk about suspense!  Although Tim made allusions to complications he was having due to his albinism, I was shocked when I finally discovered the whole truth of what had happened.

Happy Reading!


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  1. ohhh that sounds interesting! *adds to tbr*

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