Monument 14 [series] by Emmy Laybourne

Monument14Sorry I never posted a review last week.  I had every intention of finding a few minutes to post a review  but… well…  I was on vacation and I was just having too much fun with my family!  😉  We spent the week in NYC and did a variety of cultural, educational, and just plain fun stuff.  Every day was exhausting, but my son insisted that we still make time to read at least a chapter every night before we crashed at the hotel.  As much as I enjoy reading with my kid, it was a little creepy — because we were reading the dead & the gone, which is all about post-apocalyptic NYC!  And because we were reading that book, it reminded me that I had to finish the Monument 14 series (another post-apocalyptic story) when I got home.  So, I decided that would be the subject of my first post back.

I think the thing I liked most about this series was just how different it was.  I have been reading a lot of dystopian fiction over the course of the last few years, and much of it seems to be interchangeable.  Sure, the plots involve slightly different situations and the characters and places have different names.  But, though I enjoyed reading/listening to them all, it was pretty telling when my tween son literally asked me, “Didn’t we already listen to this book?”  Although this series could be compared to other apocalyptic stories — like the dead & the gone and No Safety in Numbers — it didn’t feel like a re-run.  The only problem I had with this book was that it seemed all too plausible.  It really creeped me out to read about a series of natural disasters followed by a leak of chemical warfare compounds and society as we know it falling apart.  Very interesting story… but kinda scary if you’re known as “worst case scenario girl” and actually start worrying about things like this happening in real life.

Happy Reading!


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