Acceleration by Graham McNamee

accelerationSome people are confused by the fact that I can’t handle “scary movies” but am so intrigued by novels and biographies about serial killers.  During my freshman year of college, I actually scared the student assistant at my college library.  He asked which class required me to watch so many A&E Biography specials about serial killers and I answered, “It’s not for a class.  I just think they’re interesting.” He shoved the movie across the counter and practically ran into the back office.  When I returned the next week, he was nowhere to be found.  Fortunately, we met through a mutual friend a few months later and figured out that we recognized each other because he was the AV guy at the library and I was the “creepy serial killer girl.”  I was able to elaborate about how my interest was piqued during a high school psychology class and that viewing habits were based purely on curiosity.  (Up until that point, apparently, he had been worried that I was a serial killer in training or something like that… Oops!)

If you enjoy stories like I Hunt Killers and The Naturals, you should probably check this story out.  (It’s not *quite* as creepy, though, so it’s probably even good for readers who thought those other stories were a bit too much.)  In this story, 17-year-old Duncan is stuck working in the subway system’s lost and found.  He has to organize and help reunite people with lost belongings like sunglasses, golf clubs, and books.  One day, Duncan decided he was going to read a book to pass the time and discovered a journal.  In this journal, he found notes about experiments in which the writer drowned mice in different liquids and other notes about stalking women.  Duncan worried that the journal belonged to someone who was about to start killing people, but he has no idea how to get anyone to listen to him, let alone to find this guy before it’s too late…

Happy Reading!


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