Burn for Burn [trilogy] by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian

burn-for-burnLet me just start off my review by stating that I refuse to read any further books if this trilogy suddenly becomes a series with four or more books, like The Selection.  As far as I am concerned, this trilogy is complete, there is no more story, and Jenny Hand and Siobhan Vivian should leave it alone!  😉  (Who am I kidding?  I’m sure I would eat it up if they published anything else because I tore through these books!)  Oh… And there is one other thing I would like to clarify before starting my actual review.  Some people might start reading the first book and think the “sci-fi/fantasy” classification is unjustified.  Even at the end of the first book, I was a little unsure if the supernatural element was quite enough to justify being in the “sci-fi/fantasy” section of the Teen Area.  But, trust me when I say that it will make sense if you keep reading.

Although Jar Island is typically thought of as a super-safe, affluent summer destination, much like Martha’s Vinyard, some people know there is a darker side of the island.  Lilia, though wealthy and typically good, had a bad experience with some boys over the summer and will now stop at nothing to keep her little sister from being hurt too.  Kat got tired of being treated like an outcast and a freak because of a falling out with her former best friend and decided to do something about it.  And Mary has come back to Jar Island, four years after leaving because of an incident with a local boy, to show that she’s not the timid girl she used to be — she wants him to pay for what he did to her.  Though the three girls didn’t start the school year as friends, fate brought them together and they decided to work together to exact revenge on the people who’ve hurt them most.  Love triangles, back-stabbing, and supernatural thrills abound in this fast-paced series.  I’m so glad I waited until all three books were published before I started, because I might have lost my mind if I’d had to wait!

Happy Reading!


3 responses to “Burn for Burn [trilogy] by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian

  1. I’m the same exact way! I have a hard time waiting for the release of sequels to a series so I tend to just wait until the entire series is out. I haven’t read this or The Selection, but I understand the feeling of how books should end at a trilogy, especially with Maximum Ride and somewhat with The Mortal Instruments.

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