First & Then by Emma Mills

first-and-thenDevon Tennyson, much like this book, doesn’t fit neatly into any single category. She is reasonably popular, but not completely so. She has a crush on her football-playing best friend, Cas, but manages not to be completely ridiculous about it. She can hang with the guys, but she can also manage a shopping trip with the girls. And, though she isn’t completely obsessed with popularity, she is somewhat concerned about the impact her cousin Foster will have on her own social life when he comes to live with her family. Why? Probably because Foster is slightly awkward and just plain doesn’t care what other people think.

After his father’s death and his mom’s subsequent plunge into depression and drug addiction, Foster learned to focus his energy on taking care of his mother and himself. He had no time to waste on the frivolities of sports or hanging out with friends. When a gym class drill revealed Foster’s incredible natural talent for punting a football, nevertheless, Devon’s whole life seemed to flip upside-down. With Foster suddenly hanging out with the jocks, Devon started to worry less about how he might impact her own popularity and worried, instead, whether people would treat him well. This was a great story about what it means to look beyond stereotypes and outward appearances and to take the time to get to know people (including yourself) so you can appreciate them for who they truly are.

Happy Reading!



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