Run, Hide, Fight Back by April Henry

run-hide-fight-backWhen a mass shooting breaks out at a Portland mall, the people inside have three choices — run, hide, or fight back…  And, since there are several shooters armed with semi-automatic weapons, the wrong choice will likely lead to death. When Amina decided to shut herself into the store where she worked, hoping that the metal security gate would provide enough protection, she didn’t close herself in alone. There were six teens inside, and they would all have to work together to try and get out alive.

It’s a diverse group of teens, so I thought of this as kind of like The Breakfast Club written as a thriller.  And, I have to admit…  Although I loved how this story kept me on the edge of my seat, I am not sure I will be able to go into a shopping mall for a while.  (I thought No Safetly in Numbers was traumatizing at the time, but this is so much more realistic and terrifying.)

Happy Reading!


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