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Rogue Princess by B.R. Myers

rogue princessPrincess Delia was not exactly thrilled with the prospect of choosing a husband, but she knew better than to expect an opportunity to marry for love (even if she wished, deep down, that she could). Her mother, the Queen, invited a bunch of princes from neighboring kingdoms/planets for a visit in an attempt to arrange a marriage that would be beneficial for their kingdom/planet, since they were experiencing a devastating energy shortage.  When Delia tried to run from the palace on a “borrowed” royal ship, she ended up meeting Aidan — a thief who thought his most recent acquisition might help him to get enough money to get off the planet and escape his own dreary life. While they were not exactly the dynamic duo you would put together if you had a chance to plan a match, something clicked quite nicely between them.  They were both just so clever and determined that it came as no surprise when they quickly uncovered a rebel conspiracy that threatened the planet… but would they be able to continue working together if Delia discovered that Aiden wasn’t who he claimed to be (a bodyguard for one of the visiting princes) when they first met?

If you enjoyed Marissa Meyer’s Cinder, I highly recommend you check this out.  While the story is definitely very different (i.e. not at all a rip-off), they share a similar vibe and I can’t imagine anyone who liked the Lunar Chronicles not enjoying this gender-swapped, sci-fi retelling of Cinderella.

Happy Reading!