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It’s Our Prom (So Deal With It) by Julie Anne Peters

Told from the alternating perspectives of two friends, Azure and Luke, this book gives readers a behind-the-scenes view of prom planning like you’ve never seen before.  Not only do we get to read about all the crazy details that have to be worked out and the astounding amounts of money that are often spent on proms, but we also get to witness prom history as Azure gets permission from the principal to rework the traditional senior prom into an “alternative prom.” The “alternative prom” idea was their attempt to appeal to a greater percentage of the senior class instead of just the popular/rich kids who usually attend.  From lowering the cost of attendance, to making an effort to include GLBT classmates, to offering unique activities like karaoke, the Prom Com really went all out… but some people didn’t appreciate their efforts.  When some parents start to complain, Mr. Rosen [the Prom Com advisor] gets replaced, and the new advisor is less than enthused about their unique ideas.  Will they be able to pull it off, or will their “alternative prom” get cancelled?

Happy Teen Read Week!