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this world we live in by Susan Beth Pfeffer [ARC]

I have been a fan of the Moon Crash Trilogy since before it was even called the Moon Crash Trilogy…  Since before it was approved to become a trilogy, even!  I have been following Susan Beth Pfeffer’s blog — http://susanbethpfeffer.blogspot.com — for a couple of years now, and I have been anxiously following the development of this world we live in since she first mentioned approaching her editor with the idea for a follow-up story.  I have done my best to stay away from the spoilers on the blog, and I have waited as patiently as possible, but the wait is finally over!  I received my ARC on Monday, and I finished it last night…  Let me just say, “Whoa!”  Even though the other two books have some freaky disasters and frightening situations, this book definitely takes the cake.  I will do my best to give you a decent idea of the story without giving away too much of the plot…  And, if you know me, I may even lend you the ARC so you can see for yourself before the March 31, 2010, release!

It’s been almost a year since the fateful day when the moon was hit by a meteor.  Modern day conveniences, like electricity and running water, still haven’t been fully restored.  No one knows if they ever will.  Miranda, her mother, and her brothers (Jon and Matt) are doing the best they can to survive on the meager supplies of canned foods they get from Town Hall every week.  They’re fortunate that they have a wood stove to keep them from freezing to death, since the shift in climate meant that winter started in about August and still hasn’t let up — even though it would normally be spring by now.  They’re especially lucky to have each other, since so many people have died from cold, sickness, and starvation already.  Jon and Matt do the majority of the wood chopping, and Miranda helps her mom with upkeep tasks like cooking and cleaning.  With occasional trips to forage for supplies in abandoned houses, they are getting by… but barely.

Jon and Matt decide to go on a fishing trip to bolster their food supplies, and return with a bit more than just fish.  Matt met a girl (Syl) during this 3 day trip, and the two have already “exchanged vows,” thus considering themselves married.  Adding this extra person to the family creates a whole lot of tension, since food supplies are already scarce, but Matt insists that he loves Syl and she is not going anywhere.  It seems, however, that adding Syl to the equation is practically nothing compared to when their father (Hal) returns with his new wife (Lisa), their baby (Gabriel), and three of their traveling companions (Charlie, Alex, and Julie).  With six more mouths to feed, everyone starts to worry that the food will run out in no time.  Will they be able to find enough food in abandoned houses?  Or will they find a way to get more food from the town?  Will they have to leave Howell in search of a better-functioning city after all?

People who read the first two books will be glad to learn a lot more about what happened to characters from both Life As We Knew It and the dead & the gone…  And people who haven’t read the first two books should go back and start reading them NOW!  Seriously…  Don’t start this book until you’ve read the first two!  You’ll thank me later.

Happy Reading!


Susan Beth Pfeffer @ Our Library!

So, I don’t have a date set at this point in time, but I thought you might be interested to know that Susan Beth Pfeffer — author of LAWKI and td&tg — has agreed to come and visit the YAs @ the East Greenbush Community Library this summer!!! I think it would be pretty safe to say that our party will be sometime in June (since that is when td&tg comes out in the US), but you’ll probably want something more specific than that. Rest assured, I will post as soon as the plans are finalized!

Happy Reading!

Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Susan Beth Pfeffer’s story is both inspiring and terrifying at the same time. Emily Bauer’s voice talents, nevertheless, bring the story to a whole new level. This post-catastrophe story is scary, and realistic, enough to make you think twice about life as you know it.

Happy Reading!

P.S. LAWKI’s follow-up/parallel story, the dead & the gone, is coming soon — and I am lucky enough to have an Advance Reader Copy (ARC)! I will be sure to let you know how it is!

Life As We Knew It (LAWKI) by Susan Beth Pfeffer

lawki coverI read LAWKI a while ago, when I was only reviewing Tween books, so it never made it on my blog (I don’t think it did, anyway)… Such a shame because it was an awesome, albeit rather fear-inspiring, post-apocalyptic story. Miranda is a typical American sophomore. She is a bit self-absorbed, she often argues with her mom, and she can’t wait until she can get her driver’s license. When a meteor knocks the moon out of its usual orbit, however, “life as we knew it” comes to an end. Everyday luxuries like electricity, heat, and food for simply snacking become things of the past. Will Miranda’s family pull together or fall apart? Will the world ever go back to “normal,” or will natural disasters become the norm? Find out for yourself when you read the book!

ON A RELATED NOTE: Lately, I have been getting really exciting about LAWKI’s soon-to-be-published “sister” book, the dead & the gone. Yes, by the way, it is supposed to be all lowercase! Luckily, someone (either on a listserv or in another book blog) alerted me to the fact that Susan Beth Pfeffer has her own blog now! While I was checking out http://susanbethpfeffer.blogspot.com/ this morning, for news about td&tg, I noticed an offer for a free copy of the audiobook for LAWKI — if you were among the first three people to e-mail her. I knew it was unlikely that I would be in the first three, but I had to try! Well… It paid off! I will soon be receiving my very own copy of the audiobook, as read by Emily Bauer. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Happy Reading!