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Queer: The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens by Kathy Belge and Marke Bieschke

Queer: The Ultimate LGBT Guide for TeensNot only does this book receive my YA Librarian Seal of Approval for including lots of factual information and providing helpful resources for the teens who need them, but it also receives the Queer Teen Seal of Approval from one of my patrons.  He saw the book sitting out on my desk [as I was about to start my review] and asked if he could look at it.  I decided to hold off on my review until after he and I had a chance to discuss what he thought of the book.  I figured this was the perfect test, after all, because he is currently in the process of coming out to his friends and is trying to figure out when/how he will come out to his family.  After about an hour, he returned and told me, “It’s awesome!”  He went on to say that he liked how it was “pretty much a ‘how to’ guide for gay teens.”  I smiled and said, “That’s pretty much the idea!”  So, yeah…  I think this book is a “must own” for all libraries that serve teens — whether you think you have queer teens or not.

Happy Reading!