About Librarina


For more than a decade, Chrissie has been as a Youth Services [Tween & Teen] Librarian @ the East Greenbush Community Library (in East Greenbush, NY).  She is about to “retire” from full-time librarianship to become a mostly-stay-at-home-mom but will never stop reading YA fiction and encouraging other people to read.  She is also addicted to video games [especially the Legend of Zelda series], baking, and crafting — hence her addiction to Pinterest.  Chrissie still doesn’t know what she wants to do when she grows up… but she’s pretty certain she will never stop loving YA books!

6 responses to “About Librarina

  1. Thanks for the incredible review of Wiley and Grampa. You’ve made Grampa and the citizens of Gingham County proud.

    Check out Wiley’s other monstrous adventures at wileyandgrampa.com.

    Kirk Scroggs

  2. I have also read the ARC of Ghosts of War by Ryan Smithson. We would love to have him come to the bookstore – Blackwood & Brouwer Booksellers, Kinderhook, NY – for a book signing. Do you know how I can get in touch with him?

  3. Unfortunately, I do not have direct contact information for Ryan Smithson. I have only spoken with his father (in person, at my library). He has said that he plans on getting in touch with me again as the book tour starts, so I can certainly hold onto your contact information and let him know that you’re also interested in hosting a book signing!

  4. Chrissie,
    just here to say I am still mad at you for getting to read Catching Fire, I hope you finished it, and I can’t believe you haven’t put The Hunger Games up here!!!!

  5. I haven’t posted about the Hunger Games?!? OMG! I will have to rectify that immediately!

  6. If you like to read follow me, I’m following you because I liked that last post. I figure you’ll post more so I’ll keep getting informed of good books to read :).

    I’m publishing a romance novel in February, it’s for young adults. You should stay posted. Give it a read when it comes out. A lot of people like the manuscript

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